Yellow Fever and Japanese Women

Many a man interested in dating Japanese women has probably been accused of succumbing to “yellow fever.” I get accused from time to time of promoting it. So in this article, I’d like to address the following two points:

  • Is simply being attracted to Japanese women considered yellow fever?
  • What I believe REAL yellow fever is.

The “yellow fever” we’re talking about isn’t the disease from South America and Africa, it’s the fetish some men have with dating ONLY Japanese (or any Asian) women.

The term carries with it some very nasty implications that a man who has “contracted” yellow fever is somehow a… well… perverted psycho deviant (or something similar.) He degrades Japanese women, looks down on them, and treats them not as human beings but rather as objects.

With that definition in hand, let’s get to the meat of the discussion…

Don’t confuse “selection” with “sickness”

Preferences abound in our “boy-meets-girl” world. Some men prefer blonds. Some men prefer women with darker shades of skin tone. Some men prefer women with a very pronounced hour-glass figure. And still others prefer women with little or no figure at all.

The key here is the word prefer.

If you feel more attracted to Asian faces, their skin tone, or even their body type, then it is your natural preference. It’s the same as saying that you prefer blond women, women with darker skin, etc. You may someday marry a blond woman or you may not. Just like you may someday marry an Asian woman or you may not.

Women also have their own preferences. Some women prefer taller men. Some women prefer men with hairy chests. Some women prefer darker-skinned Latino or Italian men. Again, they may someday marry a man that perfectly matches their preferences or they may not.

Simply being attracted to Japanese women is not yellow fever because it comes from your deep, sub-conscience preferences about the opposite sex. It’s not degrading toward Japanese women in the least. It is more of an appreciation of the special beauty and qualities that are unique to them.

So what really is yellow fever?

In my opinion, anyone who seeks out Japanese women for the sole purpose of sex and sex alone is guilty – without a shadow of a doubt – of yellow fever. These men aren’t respecting Japanese women as human beings, but rather as objects to be conquered in the bedroom. They aren’t looking to build loving and caring relationships that take into account the Japanese woman’s feelings. Instead, they blatantly ignore, and only hope to score.

That IS degrading.

You may have even seen some websites, forums, or blogs run by those kinds of men; sites with laughably ridiculous “secrets” on how to quickly get Japanese women into bed. I not only feel sorry them and their lopsided ways of thinking, but also for anyone who falls prey to their obviously hyped-up preaching.

Also, anyone who claims to have bedded any large number of Japanese women is not only promoting “yellow fever”, but also has some deep mental issues that I believe only a therapist can uncover and possibly undo. I feel extremely sorry for the future wives of these men, for they don’t know what kind of shallow man they are actually getting.

The Test

So, do you have yellow fever? The only question you need to ask yourself is this:

Am I attracted to Japanese women for their looks, their culture, and/or their personality type and desire a loving and caring relationship with one, or am I only after Japanese women for the sole purpose of “conquering” as many as possible?

Let that question be the litmus test by which you judge yourself and others as well.

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