Why I wrote the UJW eBook

I know exactly how you feel — I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve dated Japanese women (and am now married to one) and have lived through the frustration and confusion of trying to build meaningful relationships with them. And I know that I’m not the only one.

Seeing as the differences in culture can cause great problems in relationships with your Japanese girlfriend or Japanese wife, I decided to share everything that I have learned by writing the UJW eBook. If I can help others avoid the pain of working on a relationship through the trial and error process, then I feel that I’ve done what I set out to do — I have succeeded.

And so, when I receive e-mails like the one below, I get the biggest thrill:

I wanted to thank you very much for making this e-book! It has helped me figure out what I might have potentially done wrong if not for this e-book.

I was in the initial stages of meeting this woman and was starting to do the a few things wrong. I immediately looked online after my 2nd meeting with her and found this e-book. I was very skeptical but figured I’d only be out a few dollars.

This book EXCEEDED my expectations.

I read it completely from beginning to end and was enthralled. I couldn’t stop reading. By reading your book I have now had one and a half great months so far with no signs of slowing. She’s a great woman and I see our relationship only getting stronger from here on out.

Thank you once again for a GREAT BOOK!

-Rich W.
Seattle, WA

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