The Understanding Japanese Women Blog

Let me personally welcome you to the Understanding Japanese Women (UJW) Blog! My name is Jonathan Richards, and I will be your host, adviser, counselor, and general “guru” about Japan and Japanese women.

All-throughout the UJW-Blog you can find posts about dating Japanese women, the relationship culture of Japan, Japanese language learning tips, and other tid-bits about life Japan.

I’ll also be writing about other important topics to help men become the “best man” they can possibly be: fitness and weight-loss, goal achievement, psychology of success, building confidence, and more!

But one of the most exciting things about having a blog is that others can freely comment on the posts. Everyone can share stories, offer up advice and encouragement, ask questions about dating Japanese women, and anything else that comes to mind as you participate in this new community.

So let me say a big “Welcome!” to all of you. Read, participate, and enjoy. And don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions, comments, and even suggestions on how to make the UJW-Blog an even better experience for you!

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