What exactly are people saying?

…I am about 3/4ths of the way through your book, and I have to say I really wish I had read it before I went to Japan.

I did a bit of dating while there, and a lot of what I was reading in your book was hard won information that would have been useful before some of my own spectacular personal blunders.

…the e-book should be required reading for all male JETs before they head over to Japan.

-Rick A.
JET Alumni Association

I know you market this work as dating advice, but it truly has a lot more going and I would recommend this to anyone curious about Japanese culture.

I actually enjoy the once-a-week newsletters that point you to discussions on particular characteristics or behaviour of Japanese women.

-Yuming Lui

I appreciate the work you put into providing us honest but confused men with a sincere love for what appear to be the most beautiful, intriguing and loveable women on earth.

-James P.

It has helped me understand the mistakes I have made.

-Jones B.

I only wish it had been available when I first came to Japan nine years ago! It’s an eye opener, that’s for sure!

This is an awesome piece of work!

-Bernie O.

I stumbled upon this e-book, Understanding Japanese Women, and I perused it with the expectation that this was going to be a cheesy dating handbook.

But it wasn’t.

I was truly surprised to find it not only witty, but full of useful information in just the sampler I downloaded.

It may be angled at Western men looking to date Japanese women but I can see that there are layers of cultural tips you can glean if you have a keen interest in socializing with Japanese.

The Japan Times gave an excellent review and this ebook is looking more and more like a great weekend read.

Nice to know that there is someone out there that took the time to help us men that have wonderful Japanese wives to better understand the differences.


Your book has helped me to have a better understanding of their psyche!

-Gabe S.

First I would like to thank you for your book. It really helped me! Sometimes it was scary to see how accurate you were in describing Japanese women.

-Michal G.

I am VERY HAPPY that I purchased your e-book!

I felt your book was real and sincere. You didn’t just research the information, you are living my dream in Japan and have the experiences to share. I could see that I was going to benefit from the information and also I enjoyed your writing style.

Your book has given me vital clues to some of the mysteries about Japanese women. You have saved me from unnecessary mistakes already, which is good! Your book has also helped me discover just exactly why I am so attracted to Japanese women with explanations about their traits and behaviors. It was refreshing to finally understand the reasons behind the mystery. Thanks to your e-book, I now notice things in the behavior of the Japanese woman I’m dating that are uniquely Japanese.

Having a clearer understanding of these subtle differences has SAVED me from both over reacting about nothing and has also made reading her body language fun.

I did see her show many of the traits you listed in your book and was happy to know how to recognize them. I would have missed these cues without reading your book! Her politeness and interactions with others were spot on with your observations.

-Zach M.

I am not a guy but a Japanese woman.

I’m working and living in NY now. I’ve lived abroad quite a lot including a 3.5 years stay in the US. But still when it comes to relationships, I found myself very japanese — and there are many differences between Japanese and Americans.

I found this book while I was trying to explain myself to resolve some problems I’m encountering with the American guy I’m seeing. I was very curious what your e-book says.

There are many Japanese-way of behaviors or reactions that I do but usually they come out very naturally without thinking. So, the e-book helped me understand myself, too.

I think you have explained very well about Japanese women and Japanese culture.

I first thought I would share this eBook with the American guy I am seeing, but there were things in this eBook that I would rather keep a secret from him — YOU REVEALED TOO MUCH.

Well, I thouroughly enjoyed the book.
Great job and thanks!

-Yuko H.

My girl just laid out her plans to marry me!

When I downloaded your book, I was simply frustrated and was about to break up with this wonderful woman. She was just as miserable and tired of the same conflicts as I was. The information provided within those pages saved this relationship. And the effect was almost immediate.

Once we eliminated these barriers, the real work of having a serious relationship began, and our future unfolded before us. Now she proudly announces that we are back as a couple, and wants us to be that way for the rest of her life.

If I did not read your book, I do not think I would be enjoying this course of events.

I am very happy to hear that your book is being recognized as a resource and a guide for western men to better understand Nihonjin women and the culture that forms the basis of their perspectives, and not a guide to picking up Japanese women.

I also hope you receive more and more testimonials. I also hope another book on this subject is in the works.

-Robert L.

After getting through just a little more then the first 100 pages of your eBook, I wanted to finally drop you a note letting you know how terrific it is!

I am deeply surprised by how well written and well thought out your eBook is. Chapter after chapter there is just more and more great information that otherwise I would’ve never known about.
After all, who would’ve thought that cultural differences can provide real answers as to the very different mindset of how a female from another culture would act towards ones advances?

Without having this detailed information that you’ve carefully written and assembled to work off of, dating confusion can turn to dating frustration — and who likes to feel frustrated in an already confusing arena like dating?

This material is essential reading for anyone either living in Japan or for those of you with any interest in a Japanese female. This book can produce some real insight into the reactions that you get and the responses that you’re given. If you do not have this information, but yet you are interested in Japanese
women you are navigating through the complex dating world in a total fog!

Thanks again!
-Justin Mandel

The free sample e-book was great. But the full e-book really opened my eyes to what I was missing out on!

-Kevin B.

I’m also working my way through the other books (the free bonus e-books) that
came with the package and am making changes accordingly to my diet/fitness program and conversation skills. They are a great reading supplement to the Understanding Japanese Women book.

-Brian T.

First let me thank you for your exceptional e-book! When I first came to this site I was VERY skeptical. I thought to myself “Can this really be true? Can a simple e-book actually help me date Japanese women
AND make those relationships great?” Well, I took a chance and bought your e-book – and boy, was I surprised!

Using the information from the e-book, I was able to meet a wonderful Japanese woman! We have been going out for some time now and all the advice you have about keeping the relationship strong has been a life-saver!

Long story short: your e-book really did deliver!

Thanks again!

-Chris Z.

I very much enjoyed reading your experiences with Japanese people! I like reading how japanese culture is different from ours (and seeing it through your “western” eyes.) I suspect many of your readers will feel the same way.

-Robert B.

I’ve been living in Japan for close to 9 years now, and yet was completely taken by surprise by the detailed information and advice in the Understanding Japanese Women e-book.

The speech, actions, and behavior of the Japanese women around me finally make sense!

-Mike Thorson

“Understanding Japanese Women” is the only book of its kind that really gives you the inside scoop about Japanese dating culture!

Whether you’re looking to make a Japanese girlfriend or need help with your current Japanese girlfriend or wife, this e-book is a must!

-John M.

The book was very interesting to read. It had many new things I had no clue about with Japanese women.

-Asbjorn Hollerund

Thanks for the work you did in putting this information together! I appreciate it!

-Clyde H.

I wanted to thank you very much for making this e-book! It has helped me figure out what I might have potentially done wrong if not for this e-book.

I was in the initial stages of meeting this woman and was starting to do a few things wrong. I immediately looked online after my 2nd meeting with her and found this e-book. I was very skeptical but figured I’d only be out a few dollars.

This book EXCEEDED my expectations!

I read it completely from beginning to end and was enthralled. I couldn’t stop reading. By reading your book I have now had one and a half great months so far with no signs of slowing. She’s a great woman and I see our relationship only getting stronger from here on out.

Thank you once again for a GREAT BOOK!

-Rik W.

I quickly scanned UJW ebook package and then quickly realized that I have come across some most valuable information available on the market nowdays.

This ebook is a Salvation Bible for those who take it seriously and do the damn studying for themselves. Your ebook is worth far more than what you’re asking!

You’re generous, both thumbs up!


This e-book really hits the nail on the head! Even after living in Japan for over 3 years, I still was able to learn so much more about dating Japanese women — and I thought I knew it all!

The advice, tips, and cultural insights are fantastic. In addition to that, the real-life stories not only solidify the concepts taught in this e-book, but are also great to read.

Good Job!

-Patrick F.

I finally finished the book. It is only the first read though and I am sure I am going to read it over and over to really take it all in.


-John P.

I’ve never been this close to my (Japanese) girlfriend! We are finally understanding each other on a new level.

-Jason H.

Thanks for the help to us clueless Gaijin!

-Paul G.

I read it all in about an hour and a half, and it was truthfully one of the best e-books that I have ever read! It was very informational, and during several parts, I found my self either laughing out loud from the similarities that I have experienced myself or shaking my head in utter amazement from finally realizing what I have been blinded on from the past year and 7 months that I have been here in Japan.

Sir, I can not thank you enough for what you have done for my relationship with my Japanese wife. You have
revolutionized my way of thinking and for that I am so grateful. Not only that, but also reading all of the supplemental books that were included in the package (yes, I have read them all!!) my way of thinking has definitely changed and it allows me to not only think about what I have done wrong and how to improve, but also it has made me think about situations from her point of view, and now I can reap the benefits of the seed that you have planted.

Thank you so much for your help and thank you for taking of your time to help so many others. You are truly the definition of a good Samaritan, a good mentor, and even though we have never meet or physically spoke, a good man and one that I can look up to as a good friend. Have a truly blessed day

-Marcus J.

I am working for a top Japanese company, and everyday dealing with Japanese ONLY. With such environment, even though I have been in Japan for more than 6 years, I still find its extremely difficult to deal with Japanese under some situations. Not to mention, I have to deal with lot of Japanese women.

To get what you want from them, you must know how their minds work. Though I have seen lot of books talking about how men and women think, when it comes to Japanese it’s different.

I am sure this book must be read my both MEN AND WOMEN, who want to live in Japan peacefully, though you are married or not!


Thanks for making the effort to write your book. I would recommend it to anyone who intends having a relationship with a Japanese lady, this from a seasoned traveler who thought he knew it all.

Very best wishes,


I’m a woman, but I was interested in this ebook because it will help me understand Japanese relationships more.

I am in a relationship with a Japanese guy, but I don’t know how to react to the cultural differences. I figured if I could understand what a Japanese women thinks about relationship it would help me in my own relationship. The cultural void is in both situations… whether you are a women dating a Japanese man or a man dating a Japanese woman. It’s the same.

It has really helped me understand some of the problems in our relationship. As I read the ebook, I was amazed at all the times I was way too ‘American’. Anyway, thankyou so much for this!

It has really helped in my relationship.

-Kalee M.

There were sooooo many things I couldn’t get (about my Japanese girlfriend), and after reading your book it was like turning a light on a very dark and gloomy room.

It would have taken me a long long time to understand so much without your help. Now all makes sense!

-Felipe G.

I have asked this wonderful Japanese woman to be my wife and we made that happen this month !!

I give so much credit to your book for guiding me on this journey and it has paid off with me finding someone who is totally amazing and who I had hoped to find but thought never existed.


I feel this e-book is a mandatory viewing!

I have used other E-books in the past but they either were overly too simplistic or were way off base and unrealistic. I have concluded that your book is above and beyond the best and doesn’t try to scare it’s readers.

-Chris S.