Relationships with Japanese women — Part 2

Men who are involved with Japanese women are often very confused when the inevitable problems begin to arise in the relationship. They try every possible solution that they know to quickly and painlessly mend the breach between themselves and their girlfriend — but they come up empty.

In desperation, they rush to forums or call their friends in search of something — anything — that will help. Unfortunately, no matter how well intended the advice is, it quite often fails to heal the relationship. The rift between the man and his Japanese girlfriend grows so wide that recovery is almost impossible.

What these poor men don’t realize is that the advice would have most likely worked — if they were dating someone from their own culture. But because they are dating a Japanese woman, the advice not only fails to work, but may also cause more damage. (Read that again.)

The culture of relationships in Japan is very different than that of your own country. Japanese women who were raised in this culture will act and react to problems in the only way they know how — the Japanese way — no matter where they may be living when you two met.

When problems arise in relationships with Japanese women, it is important to understand the unique Japanese way in which your girlfriend is thinking as well as how she will act in certain situations. Not to do so would only prolong the pain and prevent the relationship from ever truly
becoming loving, strong, and passionate.

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