Relationships with Japanese women — Part 1

Did you know that all countries view dating relationships differently? Did you also know that the dating culture of Japan is VERY UNIQUE?

It’s true.

The relationship culture in Asian countries is very different than that of the West — and Japan is no different. This gap between your own culture and how Japanese women think and act in relationships is expansive. Believe me, these differences will be a major obstacle in your quest to building rich, passionate, and loving relationships with the beautiful Japanese women.

Years and years of living in Japan have almost permanently imprinted into the sub-conscience minds of Japanese women the image of what a relationship with a man entails. Because of this, even if a Japanese woman is living in your country, she will still view relationships the
Japanese way. (Definitely if you live in Japan.)

So, if you treat her just as a man in the West would, your image will fail to activate those important parts of her sub-conscience. This will make her feel uneasy to be round you and definitely not attracted to you — at all.

And we all want to be attractive, don’t we?

Also, there is a HUGE void of material on the dating culture of Japan. Men all over the world search and search in vain to find the vital information on Japanese culture and dating Japanese women — but all they get is fluff. Advice like “Remember to take off your shoes,” “Learn how to use chopsticks,” and “Become able to stomach raw fish” is all they find.

But that isn’t what you need, is it?

Unfortunately, most websites and books on Japanese culture only cover such unimportant topics — they never dive deeply into the hidden culture of dating Japanese women. In fact, they barely scratch the surface.

And you WILL suffer because of that.

That’s why I wrote the eBook Understanding Japanese Women, so men all over the world could get into their hands the important information necessary to building fantastic relationships with Japanese women.

In addition to that, the Understanding Japanese Women Blog is now here to help add to that information.