The Need to Move On

There are many men who, with an almost indescribable feeling of desperation, refuse to let go of an ex-girlfriend (Japanese or otherwise) or oppose the notion of giving up on any potential girlfriend. You can’t get her out of your mind. You eat, drink, and breathe her essence every waking moment. Your heart aches with the thought of not having her… not being with her…

Maybe you’re one of them. Unfortunately, this behavior is far from being healthy.

If there is one thing that is common to almost all women it is this: when a woman no longer wants a man, there is very little that he can do to change her mind. There are, of course, a few techniques that one can use to help increase the odds of either winning her heart or winning her back (the eBook “Influence Attraction” that comes free with the Understanding Japanese Women eBook package lists the most effective techniques,) but there will come a time when even the best techniques won’t break the solid walls of a woman’s determination.

What should one do?

As cliche as the expression “There are many fish in the sea” is, it is true – and something that all men need to keep in the forefront of their minds as they maneuver through the rough waters of the dating ocean.

Even when your heart moans with the melodramatic pain of “I’ll never love again,” always remember that you WILL love again (and be loved.) And the next time just might be with someone far better that the woman you currently pine for.