Forget EVERYTHING You Know About Dating Women…

Discover The RIGHT WAY To Create
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With ANY Japanese Woman
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Japanese women are truly some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their petit and slender figures, their slightly tan skin,photo and those mysterious eyes all make them extremely hard to resist. To many men, the allure of a Japanese woman is a very powerful force.

Unfortunately, Japanese women are also extremely difficult to understand.

The way Japanese women view dating, love, marriage, and romantic relationships is completely different than that of Western cultures. This ingrained image will be the dominant force controlling their behavior all throughout any relationships they enter into — especially ones with men from the West.

It will directly influence whether or not your relationship will grow more loving or abruptly end with heart-ache and confusion.

The good news is that there is a way to remove all of the unseen and painful cultural barriers and enable yourself to have truly loving and passionate relationships with Japanese women (and even get the first date!)

Understanding Japanese Women eBook

Understanding Japanese Women

The Complete Guide to Successful Relationships with the Mysterious Women of Japan

The Understanding Japanese Women E-Book isn’t some silly book on how to date any Asian woman (let’s be honest, all Asian cultures ARE NOT the same.) And it certainly ISN’T some ridiculous “3-step system” or otherwise designed to get any Japanese woman to sleep with you. (Seriously, do you really believe that a simple “X-step” process will allow you to bed any Japanese woman? You’re smarter than that!)

What is the Understanding Japanese Women E-Book?

togetherUnderstanding Japanese Women (UJW) is a 100% COMPLETE dating and relationship success manual in a downloadable e-book format. From cover to cover its pages are packed with not only the hidden cultural secrets of Japanese relationships, but also filled with the best dating advice you’ll ever need to win the heart of that special Japanese woman.

It’s a one-of-a-kind e-book that takes a serious look at the differences between the relationship culture of Japan and the West. It offers “no-holds-barred” advice to creating successful interracial relationships with Japanese women.

These relationships will be long-lasting because they will be built upon a solid understanding of what Japanese women naturally desire deep in their hearts. And those relationships will be strong from the very first date!

Isn’t that what you really want? A happy, loving, strong and secure relationship that only gets better and better over time?

This hard-to-find information comes from my 20+ years of experience (all right here in Japan) as an inter-racial relationship counselor, translator, and international consultant for companies both in Japan and overseas, including Japanese governmental agencies. I’ve spent years helping Western men just like you find love and build the right kind of relationship with that special Japanese woman.

In addition, countless interviews with Western men, Japanese women and Japanese men, and the advice generously given by my Japanese wife of over 16 years have GUARANTEED its accuracy.

Once You Understand the Hidden Culture of
Japanese Women, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Prevent the sudden disappearance of your Japanese girlfriend
  • Know how often to contact a potential Japanese girlfriend
  • Understand the unique body language of Japanese women
  • Distinguish the subtle signs of attraction from the signs of rejection
  • Discover the reasons for the “odd” behavior of Japanese women
  • Master the vital skills needed for successful interracial relationships
  • Uncover the REAL meaning behind their vague speech patterns
  • Gain the confidence that will skyrocket your love life
  • Prevent painful and confusing problems from ever forming
  • Remove the heart-ache caused by cultural differences
  • Eliminate all confusion caused by differences in communication styles
  • Show your affections for her in the most effective Japanese way
  • Ask the RIGHT questions to prevent marital problems
  • And much, much more!

Read What Others Are Saying:

I’m thinking this e-book should be REQUIRED READING for all male JETs before they head over to Japan.

-Rick A.
JET Alumni Association

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I finally finished the book. It is only the first read though and I am sure I am going to read it over and over to really take it all in.


-John P.

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There were sooooo many things I couldn’t get (about my Japanese girlfriend), and after reading your book it was like turning a light on a very dark and gloomy room.

It would have taken me a long long time to understand so much without your help.

Now all makes sense!
-Felipe G.

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My girl just laid out her plans to marry me!
When I downloaded your book, I was simply frustrated and was about to break up with this wonderful woman. She was just as miserable and tired of the same conflicts as I was.

The information provided within those pages saved this relationship and the effect was almost immediate!
Once we eliminated these barriers, the real work of having a serious relationship began, and our future unfolded before us. Now she proudly announces that we are back as a couple, and wants us to be that way for the rest of her life.
If I did not read your book, I do not think I would be enjoying this course of events.
-Robert L.

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I only wish it had been available when I first came to Japan nine years ago! It’s an eye opener, that’s for sure!
This is an awesome piece of work!
-Bernie O.

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I have concluded that your book is above and beyond the best! I have used other E-books in the past but they either were overly too simplistic or were way off base and unrealistic.
I feel this e-book is a mandatory viewing!
-Chris S.

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Discover For Yourself What People Around The World Are Calling “The Definitive Guide To Dating Japanese Women”

I first thought I would share this eBook with the American guy I am seeing, but there were things in this eBook that I would rather keep a secret from him — YOU REVEALED TOO MUCH.
-Yuko H.
(A Japanese Woman)

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