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Understanding Japanese Marriages – an upcoming new e-book!

Whether you are married to a Japanese woman, are currently dating a Japanese woman, or are just interested in the relationship culture of Japan, the Understanding Japanese Women e-book spelled out the little-known but extremely vital fundamentals to stronger, deeper, and more loving relationships with Japanese women.

But it is only the beginning to a much larger set of resources to help Western men with their interracial relationship challenges!

Interracial marriage is probably the most challenging type of relationship to be involved in. Not only do you have to deal with the normal challenges of marriage that arise from personality differences, but now differences in culture will threaten to tear great rifts between the you and the one you hold so dear. And so the only question is this: are you prepared?

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The “Quiet-Life” of Japanese Marriages

In this post we’ll talk about… well… not talking.

Marriage with a Japanese woman certainly is an adventure… especially when she prefers not to talk. Unlike marriages in the West (where it is encouraged to keep the conversation flowing between both members as long as the marriage lasts) Japanese women yearn to have a marriage where unspoken understanding becomes the normal way to “communicate.”

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Understanding Japanese Culture DOES Matter!

I was planning on writing a “stunning” comparison between the Japanese relationship culture and the Chinese relationship culture (a new hobby of mine) until I received an e-mail from a newsletter member – and off I go a ranting…

Understanding Japanese culture DOES matter!
There, I got it off my chest.

You see, the e-mail I received talked about how your Japanese girlfriend should love you for who you are, which includes loving everything about your own culture. Now boys, yes it is true that she should love you for who you are… but just where does a large part of your personality come from? The answer: your culture. And following this line of thinking: where does a large part of your Japanese girlfriend’s personality come from? The answer: Japanese culture!

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Japanese Women: Not Backwards Compatible

If you’re thinking about finding a Japanese wife or are contemplating marrying your current Japanese girlfriend, then “buyer beware” — for there is a part of Japanese culture that Western men interested in a long-term relationship with a Japanese woman need to be aware of.

For most Western men, this probably won’t be a major problem between you and your “potential” Japanese wife. But let me tell you up front what might be in store for some of you…

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