Clash of cultures – a bad mix for dating

Here’s an interesting tid-bit I just learned the other day:
In China, small talk during a meal is considered very important to couples out on a date. Not to talk while eating could be considered impolite or a sign of no interest in the other person.

Sounds normal wouldn’t you say?

But in contrast, Japanese dating couples often sit in semi-silence while eating, only to enter into lively conversation once the meal has ended. (Please keep in mind that this generalization of Japanese dating culture refers to couples and not a huge party of drunken office workers out for a night on the town.)

Here’s a tid-bit about the Philippines:
A man should not visit his girlfriend’s relatives if he does not want the relationship to be viewed as a serious one.

Again, Japanese culture is different. Meeting the relatives doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is a serious “we’re thinking about getting married” one.

So what’s my point in all of this?


In order to have a successful, loving relationship with a Japanese woman, you must understand Japanese culture — especially during the first few dates. It is during this time that cultural blunders will go unnoticed as “cultural blunders.” Instead they will be taken as a lack of tact, a lack of good manners, a lack of common sense, or all three.

(The above two comparisons between Japan and China and Japan and the Philippines should make the point glaringly obvious.)

And the biggest point of all is this: that Japanese culture is VASTLY different than Western cultures. It’s true that Asian cultures have some similarities. But when you compare Japan and the West, the similarities are few and far between.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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